Our Services
Docus and Informercials

A well-done documentary is the mouthpiece of any organization. We research, produce, direct and film commissioned documentaries for the client. The main role of this product is to help achieve the clients brand ambitions.

On Site Production Training

Big Ideas is a versatile team of highly skilled persons with up to date knowledge and relevant experience in production work and journalism. We operate a training program to build organizational capacity for collecting and documenting their projects.

Video Brochures

We package the main aspects of a company on a presentation DVD. It may be used as a visual record of the company’s profile, as marketing tool and also aired on television as an advert..

Film Licensing Agents

We are licensed legal agents recognized by the ministry of information and broadcasting to procure filming licenses for crews filming in Kenya.

Production Logistics

We offer logistical services to local and foreign crews: these include catering services, location transport, administrative support and local fixers.


Production of films is a core area of communication and promotion of ideals. We produce commissioned and in-house films. In a commissioned film, the client comes up with a message that they would like to disseminate to a certain audience group and we come up with a script, direction and logistics.

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